Testing & Inspection Instruments

Inspection and measurement is one of the most important skills in quality blasting and painting work. CSI can recommend, supply, and train your staff on the proper use of these precision instruments.

  • Film Thickness Gauges

    Coating Thickness Gauges are an ideal choice when coating thicknesses need to be measured.

  • Surface Profile Measuring Instruments

    CSI provides testing devices to ensure the correct surface preparation. This will optimize the performance of the coating and prevent excess material usage.

  • Chloride Test Kits

    To ensure that the chloride has been removed, it is essential that the surface is tested before the coating is applied.

  • Holiday – Pinhole Detection

    CSI supplies testing equipment to detect failures that will lead to premature corrosion of a substrate.

  • Adhesion Testing

    CSI provides a variety of adhesion gauges designed specifically to meet your requirements.

  • Viscosity

    CSI supplies a wide range of viscosity gauges from flow cups and dip cups to rotational viscometers.

  • Temperature & Humidity

    CSI offers an array of environmental testing equipment from top manufacturers in the industry.