Paint Equipment Parts & Accessories

Downtime from equipment failure on any job means money lost, that’s why CSI carries a comprehensive assortment of spare parts for most major brands of paint application equipment. This enables us to put the parts you need in your hands faster to minimize downtime in your operation.

  • Low Pressure Air Hose

    CSI supplies high tensile strength, spiral reinforced hose that is specifically designed for maximum flexibility and coupling retention.

  • Low Pressure Fluid Hose

    CSI nylon lined paint hose comes in a range of diameters for working pressures up to 750 psi.

  • High Pressure Airless Hose

    CSI offers a wide range of high pressure paint spray hoses to give you the size, pressure range, and length you need.

  • Hose Fittings & Connectors

    CSI carries a wide range of high pressure nipples and fittings to meet all your high pressure connection needs.

  • Air Regulators

    CSI carries a broad range of air pressure regulators including high volume and low volume units for use on equipment ranging from pressure pots to airless pumps.

  • Airline Filters

    Inline air filters remove moisture, oil, and dirt particles from the compressed air stream before it reaches your equipment.

  • Filter- Regulator-Lubricators

    Cleans, dries, and lubricates air supply to protect and maintain pneumatic equipment.

  • Ball Valves

    CSI stocks a variety of high and low pressure ball valves to make sure you have the correct valve for your fluid handling system quickly.

  • Fluid Filters

    From high pressure inline filters to low pressure gun filters CSI has what you need to keep contaminates out of your finish.

  • Fluid Regulators

    CSI provides solutions for all your fluid pressure regulation needs including low pressure, high pressure and back pressure regulators.

  • Pressure Gauges

    High and low pressure gauges are available in a variety of configurations to meet your needs.

  • Elevators

    Pneumatic elevators are used to conveniently raise and lower pumps or drum covers and agitators.

  • Fluid Heaters

    Fluid heaters are used for consistent control of fluid viscosity for uniform application.

  • Agitators

    Agitators are used to ensure that paint is properly mixed for consistency and ease of application.