Operator Safety Equipment

Employee safety is the first priority in any project, and CSI offers a complete line of monitors, breathing equipment, and protective gear for ultimate protection in even the harshest weather and the most hazardous working environments.

  • Blast Hoods

    CSI provides supplied air respirators that meet OSHA standards for respiratory protection and air noise limitations.

  • Paint Hoods

    CSI offers hood style respirators that provide a wide variety of simple, effective, and economical options for on-the-job respiratory protection.

  • Climate Control for Hoods

    CSI carries a variety of climate control devices for Bullard, Clemco, and RPB supplied air respirators.

  • Airline Filters

    CSI stocks parts and complete airline filtration units for most major safety equipment manufacturers.

  • Carbon Monoxide Monitors

    CSI supplies all major brands of carbon monoxide monitors for compressed air systems.

  • Blast Suits & Gloves

    CSI carries a variety of blast suits and gauntlet style leather gloves all designed to protect the equipment operator from the impact of rebounding abrasive.