Blasting Abrasives

With warehousing facilities conveniently located in Atlanta and Jacksonville and top-notch logistics, CSI can quickly and easily get the abrasives you need to your job site on time and on budget.

  • Armex

    Armex baking soda abrasive is used to clean, de‐paint, and degrease metals, aluminum, other alloys, composites, and even plastics, and composites.

  • Dupont Starblast

    Starblast blasting abrasives are a loose blend of uniformly sized coarse and fine staurolite sands that have clean, rounded surfaces.

  • Garnet

    Garnet is a non‐ferrous, 100% natural inert mineral containing less than 1% free silica that poses little to no health or environmental risks.

  • Copper Slag

    Copper Slag is a non‐ferrous blasting abrasive that features low dusting, and low free silica content.

  • Coal Slag

    Coal Slag is a non‐ferrous, chemically inert, blasting abrasive that features low dusting, and low free silica content.

  • Steel Grit

    Cast angular grit is produced by crushing specially heat treated steel shot pellets.

  • Steel Shot

    Steel shot has a spherical structure of finely tempered martensite steel to provide optimum resilience.

  • Glass Beads

    Glass beads are a chemically inert, environmentally friendly abrasive that contain no free silica.

  • Aluminum Oxide

    Aluminum oxide is produced by fusing bauxite and anthracite in an electric arc furnace at high temperature.

  • Silicon Carbide

    Black Silicon Carbide is produced in electrical furnaces from high purity silica sand and petroleum coke.

  • Plastic Media

    Plastic Media Blasting is a proven, environmentally friendly safe alternative to chemical strippers and other hard abrasives.

  • Organic Blast Media

    CSI supplies organic blasting abrasives including Walnut Shells and Corn Cobs. These products are all natural, 100% silica free, making them an environmentally friendly abrasive for delicate blasting processes.