Blast Equipment Parts & Accessories

Downtime from equipment failure on any job means money lost, that’s why CSI carries a comprehensive assortment of spare parts for most major brands of sand blasting equipment. This enables us to put the parts you need in your hands faster to minimize downtime in your operation.

  • Air Hose & Couplings

    CSI supplies all types of air hose and fittings to meet your application requirements.

  • Blast Hose Couplings & Nozzle Holders

    CSI supplies couplings and nozzle holders for all abrasive blasting applications.

  • Blast Hose

    CSI offers a variety of blast hose offerings to meet your application requirements.

  • Safety Clips & Cables

    Safety clips & cables should be used on all blast hose and air hose couplings, to reduce the possibility of hose coupling separation.

  • Blast Nozzles

    CSI supplies a full range of high performance Blast Nozzles to suit any application.

  • Twinline Hoses

    CSI supplies twin-line hose and coupling assemblies for all major pneumatic control systems.

  • Remote Control Systems

    CSI carries a wide variety of pneumatic & electric remote control systems for all major brands of blast equipment.

  • Valves

    CSI carries a wide variety of abrasive metering & control valves for all major brands of blast equipment.

  • Deadman Switches

    CSI offers pneumatic and electric deadman control switches for all major brands of equipment.

  • Compressed Air Filtration

    AirPrep Systems eliminate moisture problems in your abrasive blasting compressed air system.

  • Blast Lights

    CSI offers a wide variety of Blast Lights to meet your application requirements from directional blast lights to explosion proof area lights.

  • Vacuum & Exhaust Duct Hose

    CSI Exhaust Duct Hose is extremely flexible, lightweight and crush resistant.  Our quality vacuum hoses are polyurethane lined for abrasion resistance and provide smooth material flow.

  • Dust Collector Filter Cartridges

    CSI offers a full range of dust collector filter cartridges. These replaceable cartridges allow your dust collector to operate at optimum efficiency for ultimate dust control.