Abrasive Blast Equipment

CSI sells and services a wide-range of abrasive blasting equipment for reliable companies such as Clemco, Zero, Empire, and Schmidt.

  • Portable Blast Pots

    CSI offers a range of Portable Blast Pots manufactured by Clemco and Schmidt.

  • Bulk Blast Pots & Abrasive Storage Hoppers

    Bulk Blast Pots are designed to maximize the cost savings of volume production.  These high productivity blasting systems feature multi-outlet controls that allow each operator independent control of his abrasive media flow.

  • Blast Cabinets

    We specialize in hand cabinets, engineered, semi-automated, and fully-automated blast cabinets.

  • Specialty Blasting Systems

    Specialty Blasting Systems allow for maximum production when under unique job requirements.

  • Blast Rooms

    CSI provides a full spectrum of blast room reclaim floor designs and configurations.