Long Reach Chisels & Floor Scrapers

Long Reach Scalers are specifically designed to reduce the risk of back injury and to extend their use into previously inaccessible areas. Available in 2′, 4′, 5′, and 6′ lengths. The Long Reach ‘LITE’ scalers are lighter in weight than standard Long Reach Scalers while offering the same power.

A vast range of applications include the removal of floor tiles, residue, chemical spills, ice, roofing materials, metal slag and tank cleaning. These tools are ideal for a variety of uses from construction and marine to general factory maintenance and flooring services. To help save on backaches, utilize our ergonomically designed Python Long Reach.

Available accessories including needle scaling attachments, scraper blades and a full range of standard 5/8″ hexagon shank chisels including spark resistant beryllium copper chisels for use in hazardous areas.







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